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Upcoming Activities :
         Breed Special          
      May 3, 2015 Breed Special in  "De Zandbergen" Brecht - Sint Job in 't Goor
Judges : Ms Hunter (UK) - Irish Red Setter
                                        Mr BA Limpus (UK) - Irish Red & Red-White Setters 

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                                                       Closing date 17 / 04 / 2015
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The Irish Setter Club was founded in 1973 and represents the interests of the Irish Red Setter and Irish Setter Red & White.
Every year we host a number of activities: Breed special, Youngsters-day, field trial competition and initiation days, beach walk, St Patrick's day, summer party, canine activity, St Hubert Celebration, show lessons and weekly behavior & obedience lessons.
The Irish Setter Club edits 6 times per year the magazine "The Irish Setter".
Have we aroused your interest? Please get acquainted to any of these activities or pay a visit to our site ISC.

A golden advice : if you intent to buy an Irish Setter, please consult the Breed Club
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