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General meeting 18/02/2017
The  Committee of the Irish Setter Club has the pleasure to invite you to the annual general meeting
of 18 February 2017 in the clubhouse on the ISC Site Fort II at Wommelgem.
 Starting 2:00:00 a.m. sharp.
The members are asked to bring any dogs that day.


The Irish Setter Club was founded in 1973 and represents the interests of the Irish Red Setter and Irish Setter Red & White.
Every year we host a number of activities: Breed special, Youngsters-day, field trial competition and initiation days, beach walk, St Patrick's day, summer party, canine activity, St Hubert Celebration, show lessons and weekly behavior & obedience lessons.
The Irish Setter Club edits 6 times per year the magazine "The Irish Setter".
Have we aroused your interest? Please get acquainted to any of these activities or pay a visit to our site ISC.

A golden advice : if you intent to buy an Irish Setter, please consult the Breed Club
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